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book_smallWelcome to the official website of The Accidental Snake Thief, book #1 of the Maninkari Trilogy.

The Accidental Snake Thief is the first book of an epic adventure trilogy that combines the kind of gritty realism found in ‘The Hunger Games’ with the scope, magic and compelling character of the ‘Harry Potter’ series. (Chico Enterprise Record)

But instead of being set in a far off dystopian future, or a realm of pure fantasy, The Accidental Snake Thief deals with the world we live in right now: a world that mixes disasters, terror, fear, manipulation, technology, hope, love and magic.

Follow Hazel, and her brother Caleb, as they uncover a three-hundred-year-old plot and embark upon a terrifying journey to re-unite with their father, and foil the plans of the most popular, well-loved man on Earth. Along the way they learn many things, from computer hacking, to ancient prophesies, to the secret languages of animals and plants. But most importantly, they learn not to trust anybody: especially not those in power.

“Gripping from the first page!!!”

- Heidi Broward –


“A daring, exciting and wise novel…which both teens and grown-ups will love! It is really something special indeed.”

- Nick Vasey author of Roppongi the Novel


“I adore this book…Riveting…movie material!”

- Sara Kate Wilson – Rio Suenos


“(This book) made my imagination expand!”

- Zaki Pugh-Fradot – Home School Project





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